Communication and healing: a job well done.

“If you recall, we came to Omneity in somewhat dire straits. We were struggling financially and being ignored and lied to by the insurance payers. We found ourselves “in over our head” when it came to getting any assistance from Anthem or United Healthcare for servicing clients that were in desperate need of treatment services. That all changed after my discussions with you and the visit from the head of your Utilization Review Department. Our success is not defined by financial gain or name recognition. Those are simply important tools in the road to success. True success is when an individual leaves treatment like one recent client said: with a changed life.   He is not the only client that has this story. We are very proud of this and Omneity deserves to share in that pride.”
Wade J.

“Thank you for working so hard to get additional treatment days approved for (our patient). Our clinical staff would not have had the time to pursue the matter so thoroughly on their own.”

“Thank you for your quick response… In the current insurance economic climate, I commend you and your team for your hard work and perseverance.”

“As a Dad, I will always be grateful for your company’s diligence and assistance in overcoming the monumental insurance barriers that presented in connection with my daughter’s residential treatment needs.”

“You guys are the “Whole Foods” of medical billing!”

“Thank you for working so hard to get additional treatment days approved for (our patient).”

“Much thanks on this case. (Our patient) has an amazing life and now works for us as an assistant chef. Great team effort 🙂 . . . (She) has grown so much and changed; and it was very nice to be able to watch it happen over the last couple of years. Great team, I especially liked the patient advocacy part of the company. It’s really nice to hear a person giving me updates.”
Rob L

“This company helped me get reimbursed from my insurance company when I sent my daughter to treatment. They worked directly with the treatment center, but they were successful where other “professional” companies had failed. The owner allowed me call him several times with questions or concerns. This company only charged a small percentage of what the insurance company allowed for treatment, and they did not get paid until the treatment center got paid. I can not believe how amazing, hardworking, and professional these people are. I recommend this company to anyone or any company that is in need of medical billing services!”
Nancy P

“…Also, just want to let you know we are happy with the service since the (changeover). We received a check for one of our residents you billed and it was amazing. Just saying! I never in a million years thought we could receive our reimbursements so quickly!”

“I appreciate deeply your help and support. In fact, I must say I was not expecting such quality care and service and I am pleasantly surprised. I am impressed with your team’s professionalism, speed , and service. Everyone I have met so far is helpful, fast and quite good. I am chomping at the bit for our Marketing to start, so our phones start to ring with inbound callers. It’s going to be fun!”

“I know you must deal with a lot of families and may not remember me, but you have been so kind in helping me with the insurance nightmare. I want to thank you for your encouragement and direction in trying to get my daughter where I know she belongs. After speaking with you the last time, I felt like I had just spoken with a very caring person :)”

“I was talking with the head of your Authorization and Utilization department to let her know how much I appreciate the new forms detailing approvals and level of care for our clients. The communications in regard to URs from your staff and Medical Director have been very helpful. Thank you so much for working on this issue with us. It has helped with assuring clients, allowing the admissions department to prepare families for additional costs, and decreased my anxiety when talking with the families and case managers.”

“I wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate the prompt and responsive service provided by your staff. (One of our patient’s) family was very anxious and worried, and your Family Advocacy Department really went above and beyond in keeping them current with their insurance issues, so that we could remain focused on (our patient’s) treatment.”

“When you have a loved one in treatment, the last thing you want to be worried about is the expense of the services incurred. It can be a fine line between feeling overwhelmed and being the pillar of support that is vital for seeing your son, daughter, spouse, etc., through their darkest hour. Thank you, Omneity, for being that beacon of light for us and not leaving our side as we navigated through this financial obstacle course. We are deeply grateful for your superb knowledge, dedication, and loyalty in working for our family.”

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