Increase Your Revenue with Professional Medical Billing Services

One of the most important elements of the healthcare profession is ensuring that your patients get the best possible treatment for their aliments. You also need the assurance that your practice or facility will be appropriately reimbursed for the medical care that you expertly provide.

Omneity Billing believes that you should be timely and fairly compensated for the care that is given to your clientele. We will partner with you to help establish positive relationships with your patients and their insurance companies so that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Our Expert Billers Use the Industry’s Best Methods of Financial Documentation

The professionals at Omneity Billing will go through each claim before it’s submitted to make certain that it contains the correct CPT codes, complete patient information, and the correct insurance data to reduce the chances of a denial from the insurance company.

We will ensure that your claims are accurate and complete to avoid the increased labor and time required to follow-up on incorrectly filed forms, thus increasing your generated revenue.

Omneity Billing is a Comprehensive Provider of Medical Billing Services

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive adequate compensation for the services that they provide. We are here to make certain that insurance companies live up to their legal obligations to provide medically necessary care and to protect the rights of the patients and those who treat them for their illnesses.

We are dedicated to providing medical billing services, dental billing services, and billing for attorneys, which includes powerful utilization support, detailed eligibility summaries, and personalized care to treatment facilities all over the country. Call us today at (855) 777-1733 to learn more about the medical coding solutions that our team can provide for your practice or facility.