DashboardPlus® – the only MIS backed by our relentless drive to innovation: discover a brand-new level of simplicity and transparency.
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It’s your data – see it any time you want to. Real-time data….done right!

Don’t Call Us…

We love to hear from our clients. We also know your time is precious. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all your reimbursement details, any time, without having to call or email?

  • Our proprietary Dashboard application is the first MIS (Management Information System) to meet our exacting standards for ease of use and granularity of detail.
  • See all current, past, and in-process reimbursements, from aggregate revenues per payer to individual patient Dates-Of-Service.
  • Breakout by Level of Care, UAs, office visits, and more.
  • Every level of decision-making support within a few mouse-clicks.

Take control of your financial information. Get in touch with us to give your practice or facility the advantage of hands-on access to the data you need most.