There’s A Better Solution for Organization

If you are medical professional reading this blog, you’re probably just as frustrated and apprehensive about the way the medical insurance landscape looks as most of your patients are. When you entered medical or nursing school or your medical training program you probably weren’t thinking about the ins and outs of dealing with insurance juggernauts.

You were most likely much more concerned with the prospect of assisting sick people who needed your expertise to get well. Unfortunately, the insurance situation healthcare provider’s face today often forces them to work within the bounds of what insurance companies will pay for.

A Better Solution

In order for you to do your job most effectively and to see that your patients are able to pay for the services they need, there has to be a better solution – an intermediary between healthcare providers and insurance companies. At Omneity Billing, that’s the service we seek to provide. We are a medical billing company that understands that you need to be reimbursed for the services you provide, and we also know you want to see your patients receive the best care possible.

When you’ve done all you can in terms of negotiating with payers, we are here to help you establish more productive relationships with them. As a medical billing company, we’ll help you establish the best possible protocols for financial and medical documentation.

Combing Through Data

We take our responsibilities as a medical billing company seriously, and we’re committed to combing through every bit of data we can for you before submitting a claim, including CPT codes, insurance information, and patient particulars.

All of this may seem a little daunting to you. You’re probably not seeking to go after your clients’ insurance companies in an aggressive way; you simply need to make sure you’re able to operate financially. Let us assure you that we will help you to maintain positive relationships with insurance providers throughout the reimbursement process.

In today’s economic climate, you can’t afford not to be reimbursed for services rendered, but we know you insist on making proper treatment a must for your patients. See our web site, for all the information you need to begin partnering with us today