The Importance of Medical Coding For Los Angeles Professionals

As a doctor or mental health provider especially those in smaller practices, finding the right medical coding service in Los Angeles is an important consideration.

It is also important if your current medical coding provider isn’t doing a good job or if there are continuous questions and denials that you seek out a qualified, professional service to ensure that your coding needs are handled.

The Experience Factor

At Omneity Billing, we have been providing coding to doctors in and around the Los Angeles area for years. We have the experience and the trained professionals to ensure that the services you provide are coded correctly. This allows for quick payment from insurance companies for the services rendered.

There are several important factors to consider when choosing medical professionals to handle your coding needs. First, it is important to understand the difference between coding and billing. If the coding is not done correctly, there is a greater risk for a problem during the billing procedure, which leads to not only frustration for you as a professional seeking reimbursement but also for your patients.

The Difference

The process of medical coding is to assign a specific number or series of numbers to a particular service rendered by a physician or specific healthcare provider. This can be treatment, diagnosis, testing, medication or the diagnosis based on symptoms and injury.

Depending on the type of practice and the coding system, there can be one of three different systems used to create a bill:

  • CPT or the Current Procedural Terminology
  • HCPCs or Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System
  • ICD or International Classification of Diseases

The ICD is always used in conjunction with CPT to create a code for both the condition and the treatment provided.

All medical coding is done prior to the billing component. In top organizations, the coding element, when completed with accuracy according to the different systems in use, limits any possible problems on the billing side.

As a healthcare provider and professional in the Los Angeles area, working with a top medical coding service is a must. This ensures that the service you provide is accurately recorded to the specific coding system required, and this, in turn, results in fewer problems with billing, happier patients and less stress for all involved.