Take Advantage of Legal Billing Services

One of the many challenges in running a smaller law firm, or even a single practice, is having all the services and features of a big law firm at a reasonable price.

While not everything can be done through third party service providers, one option that should be considered is the addition of legal billings services. By choosing a company that specializes in legal billing services, you can take full advantage of their services while your customers assume it is all done in-house.

The Customized Option

Omneity Billing can handle all your legal invoicing and continue the billing process using your official letterhead. We can accommodate your current branding and the look you want to convey to your clients. With this customized look your customer will have confidence in your office, and we will handle all the invoicing, as well as the collections and any needs to address past due accounts.

This prevents you having to deal with these issues, freeing up your time and your efforts spent in the past on collections and notices. Additionally, our staff is experienced in these matters, and will handle all accounts with effective strategies to reduce the issues of delinquent and past due accounts on the books.

ABA Guidelines

Our experienced legal billing service providers are very familiar with the American Bar Association coding methods and this ensures that your billing is fully in compliance with professional standards.

With full adherence to the guidelines, and training in any updates or modifications, your law firm will be able to take advantage of our team training. In fact, you will find that our legal billings services actually provides you with a more current method of billing compared to handling it in-house.

As this is our focus, our staff attends training on an ongoing basis. With a small private practice, or even in a very large firm, professional development is often difficult to arrange. This may result in a significant lag in actually getting your billing and accounting staff into training, while with our staff it is a focus of our service.

With the advantage of having all the legal billings services handled by our company, you are freed up from the stress of billing. All information can be submitted to use electronically, and we will code and bill, or ask for additional information, ensuring that your monthly statements are out on time. This not only gives a very professional experience for your customers, but it also decreases the need to follow up on past due issues over time.