Medical Billing Systems: A Link Between Patient and Health Care Provider

When an individual visits a doctor for a regular health checkup, for routine examination or for serious medical problems there is a medical billing system in place to ensure that everything necessary is done so that the patient gets the claim amount from the insurance company.

What are Medical Billing Systems?

Medical billing systems are the systems that serve as the connecting link between the patient and the insurance companies to secure payments for the services rendered by doctors, hospitals and health care providers. Typically, the medical office will coordinate between the patient and his health insurance company for processing claims.

Steps Involved in Medical Billing Systems

Whenever a patient goes in for any health or medical exam, the medical office will submit the claims to the insurance company and follow up on the same to obtain the expenses incurred by the patient for the services provided by the health care provider. All the communication is done through medical codes.

The insurance companies involved may be private or government companies. The medical billing systems process involved is the same for all insurance companies. An explanation of benefits (EOB) form will be forwarded by the medical insurance company to compensate for the payment made by the patient to the health provider. This is usually paid months after the patient paid the health provider. Oftentimes, a billing company like ours, Omneity Billing takes care of the paperwork, allowing health care personnel to attend to patients.

Importance of Medical Insurance Codes and Medical Billing

To coordinate with the insurance company, the medical billing systems professionals should follow the codes needed to process the claims properly. There is a different medical insurance code corresponding to each disease, symptom, injury, products, supply, diagnoses, medication, injury that is in the medical profession.

These codes are used in explanation of benefits forms, medical bills and insurance claims forms. The codes ensure that there is a standard and reliable method for insurance companies for processing claims and paying health care providers. Once the codes are assigned, the medical billers process it and a reimbursement claim is prepared.

What Abilities Does a Person Need for Working as a Medical Biller?

A career in medical billing is ideal for a person who is detail oriented, accurate and has a professional attitude. He or she should be good in understanding anatomy and physiology, be comfortable working with computers and have an eye for learning.


Reducing the cost of medical bill is an available option for everyone. Working for a company such as Omneity Billing can provide a fulfilling career, knowing you are helping people get the health care they need.