Dental Offices

Save Revenue with Our Dental Billing Services

Omneity provides dental billing services that reduce the valuable time your office staff spends on the phone and document preparation. A practice is not at it’s peak efficiency when staff members are speaking with insurance companies or attempting to collect on past due accounts. We provide accurate coding, electronic claim submission, OMS coding and billing, experienced appeal of denied claims, and follow up account notices for delinquent accounts.

Receive Insurance Payouts Faster

By using our dental billing services our providers are able to receive payouts from insurance companies on a timelier basis. Our billing specialists review claims for accuracy and correct information that may have led to a denied claim. Our specialists know what causes claims to be rejected and how to prevent it from happening. We also appeal denied claims and will speak directly with patients, doctors, and providers.

Advanced Dental Billing

Our doctors and providers receive thorough eligibility reports that give information about treatment, coverage, and levels of care. We also break down co-payments, patient’s current deductible, out of pocket expenses, previous authorizations, and any other vital coverage information. We also provide immediate review processes for patients and then monitor their progress. We notify providers when authorizations have been approved or additional updates are needed. We give providers accurate submission, detailed follow up on claims and appeals, as well as valuable status reports.

Advocacy for Your Practice

Omneity dental billing service includes management of claims from beginning to end. We also will manage receivables and always advocate for our providers when speaking to payers. We provide a detailed evaluation of how we can improve revenue within a facility or practice. It is our job to ensure your practice is operating to the fullest potential. Call us today at (855) 777-1733 so that we can begin your dental billing services.