Billing Services for Attorneys

Services for Attorney Billing

At Omneity we provides many legal billing services. We understand that our clients are busy and we want to optimize their time. Outsourcing attorney billing doesn’t have to be complicated and will increase the overall efficiency of your practice. By outsourcing legal billing you will improve revenue and save money overall.

Choose Omneity for Your Legal Billing Services

Our professionals will design a custom and personalized invoice that will work especially for your brand. We provide our clientele with customized monthly client statements so that they can track productivity. Our billing specialists are trained in the coding method of the American Bar Association (ABA) and fully comprehend your statements and documentation. We also utilize an electronic bill submission with LEDES formatting to maximize efficiency.

Stop Losing Time, Use Outsourced Billing

By choosing Omneity for your attorney billing you save your practice the time and money that was once devoted to following up with clients and attempting to collect on past due accounts. We handle all account notices from billing to collection as well as the issuance of past due notices. We understand how important confidentiality is and provide a high level of security for all of your data.

Increase Profitability

We work to increase overall profitability by examining your bottom line and designing a plan to increase effectiveness. By outsourcing legal billing services through Omneity, you will be in the hands of billing specialists. We have continuously monitored and improved on billing practices in a variety of healthcare and legal settings. It is our mission to ensure our customers receive meticulous and tenacious care of their billing practices and their client’s accounts. We are not only experts in working with billing, but we are also experts in customer service. Contact us today at (855) 777-1733 so that we can begin working on your legal billing services.