Medical Claims Help

Medical Claims Help

It is a well-known fact that healthcare offices are busy and often hectic places. Between the pressures of production and customer service, billing usually gets the smallest amount of attention despite being one of the most important aspects of any company.

Medical claims and billing are not only complicated, but also time consuming if you don’t have the right medical billing program. Getting the correct information from the patient and matching it to the insurance companies records is the first step in determining the patient’s eligibility.

Avoid Common Mistakes

After correcting any mistakes, claims are submitted and evaluated by the insurance company. This process alone can take a few days, and getting a slow start on the billing process can lead to overdue accounts, an increase on denied claims, and an overall loss on production.

The most important thing to focus on is insurance follow up. Often, insurance companies rely on the mistakes or downtime between claims to make an easy profit. There are a few ways to make sure insurance companies are not taking advantage of your practice. Start by periodically running reports on all outstanding accounts that are over 3 months old.

Do Your Research

Get on the phone, and research the issues on each claim to make sure your practice is receiving every reimbursement deserved. Another common mistake most offices make is not utilizing every insurance’s website. Sign up for access to quick claims status checks and the option to appeal denied claims online. Using the medical claims help center of each website can save you time and money.