Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services for Healthcare Professionals

Omneity provides healthcare professionals with medical billing solutions that they can trust. Based out of Los Angeles, California, we are a leading medical billing company that works to provide relationships between professionals and payers using clinical and financial documentation.

Systems for Doctors and Providers

Our medical billing services include assisting doctors who are in the early stages of insurance acceptance and helping to establish their practice as a provider. We also can help enhance your practice by providing complete management of claims from beginning to end. We provide quick, accurate submissions and solutions for following up on claims and appeals. We also specialize in reviewing revenue cycles and offering evaluations of facilities or practices.

Solutions to Improve Your Payer Relationships

At Omneity we work to handle all of the medical billing systems so that doctors and providers have more time with their patients. We handle all eligibility and verification of providers and payers as well as clinical in house reviews. We complete authorizations, utilizations, peer to peer, and appeals. We utilize electronic submission and follow up while using the most up to date coding.

Choose Omneity as Your Medical Billing Company

We are one of the top medical billing companies in Los Angeles, California. We work with the behavioral health community to ensure that insurance companies provide patients with care that is medically necessary. It is our goal to protect our patient’s rights as well as those of our providers and doctors. Our family advocacy departments work with parents, spouses, and children to provide current insurance information during what may be an emotionally trying time. We hope to alleviate stress for patients as well as providers by utilizing the most current systems and solutions. Contact us at (855) 777-1733 for medical billing information that will enhance your facility or practice.