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Omneity Billing is located in Pasadena, California however our service area extends beyond the city limits as we have clients located throughout Los Angeles county and beyond.

Unique Aspects Of Practicing Medicine In Los Angeles

Practicing medicine in Los Angeles is an endeavor that can present both a number of challenges and a number of opportunities. Los Angeles is a highly populated city that is currently home to roughly 9.9 million residents. Socioeconomic and lifestyle differences among this large population vary quite a bit from resident to resident, and as such, the types of care for which there is demand in Los Angeles span a very large spectrum.

The large population of low income residents presents a need for practices that can make health care accessible to those with very limited means, such as clinics that operate on a sliding scale for patients who qualify. On the other end of the spectrum, the population of high income residents in Los Angeles gives way to a need for services that those with more financial means may be more likely to seek: including elective procedures.

As with any other large metropolitan area, there is also a large number of residents who fall somewhere in the middle. These patients may include families seeking a general physician, or care for family planning. The large number of single adults in Los Angeles also means that there are a number of patients who require care that is specific to their lifestyle, which may include screening for sexual transmitted diseases.

Fortunately for many caregivers and their patients, Los Angeles is also a city where health and well being are somewhat intrinsic to the culture, so preventive care and lifestyle recommendations may often be fairly easily implemented in Los Angeles.

Challenges Faced In Medical Billing In Los Angeles

Caregivers practicing in the Los Angeles area may face a number of challenges when it comes to billing and successful recoupment of compensation. One reason for this is that, even as the Affordable Care Act greatly expands coverage to many individuals who may, in previous years, have been uninsured, there is still a high volume of patients who do not have insurance or who are underinsured.

When a practice attempts to be paid for services rendered by a patient who has incurred larger costs than they are equipped to pay, they may face serious obstacles or find that they are not able to successfully expend the energy necessary to receive even partial payment from these patients. Many practices in Los Angeles carry quite a large patient load and, for this reason, simply do not have the resources available to pursue every account payable with the vigor needed to successfully receive payment.

This is why many practices in the Los Angeles choose to outsource their medical billing needs to a third party company like A-Fordable Billing Solution. Outsourcing billing needs plays a huge role in allowing office staff to focus on duties related to in-office matters and makes a practice run much more smoothly. It also allows any given practice to see a higher volume of patients, which can help increase revenue.

Affordable Care Act’s Impact On Providers

The Affordable Care Act has played a huge role in transforming the face of medicine for both patients and providers. One way in which the ACA has dramatically altered the field is that it has provided coverage for many individuals who have been uninsured for, in some cases, quite sometime. This factor alone has made quite an impact on providers.

Firstly, many practices have experienced a dramatic influx in new patients as newly insured individuals seek care. Many of these individuals may be at a higher risk for suffering from conditions that are the result of not receiving care early enough, or from not having access to preventative care for many years.

Physicians treating patients who have not had adequate access to health services for some time may have to see a patient for more appointments or work to resolve ailments that have become complicated or advanced. The Affordable Care Act has also changed the way in which many health insurance providers reimburse for services their patients receive. In some cases, the amount of reimbursement a provider receives for any one service may be lower.

This has led to an even greater need for diligence and accuracy in billing.  All of these changes are also occurring in tandem with required updates to new ICD-10 codes for all providers; an update that requires time and financial resources from all practices. These factors together mean there is now, more than ever, an urgent need for office staff to have as much bandwidth available as possible.

Reasons To Choose Omneity Billing

Practices who are committing to providing the best service to their patients while ensuring that they receive the reimbursement they need and deserve partner with a third party billing company. A billing company is an indispensable asset to practices of all sizes. Omneity Billing is the premiere billing company available to physicians and practices in Los Angeles and offers an unparalleled level of service to its clients.

One reason that Omneity Billing offers such a high level of service is that it uses the best of all elements needed for successful billing: top grade software, highly informed and qualified staff, and cutting edge technology. These factors help ensure that billing is not only accurate but efficient. Processing bills efficiently is a vital part of ensuring that each practice is reimbursed in a timely matter. Accurate billing also helps with efficiently because it cuts down on time lost to disputes due to errors.

We’re also perfectly suited to support the wide variety of practices in Los Angeles, including those with unique billing needs, such as those who give care in the mental health and substance abuse fields. A-Fordable Billing Solution has been providing top notch service to practices of all types and all sizes for more than three decades, and continues to be the leader in the medical billing field when it comes to providing orderly and precise billing to its clients and their patients.