What Doctors Need To Consider With Medical Billing Solutions

Being a doctor and running a clinic or a practice today is a lot more than just practicing medicine. At Omneity Billing, we understand the challenges in trying to open up an office. It means working with not just patients, but also with insurance companies, claim submissions and all the issues in ensuring the process is moving along.

Often, we find that doctor’s office staff quickly become overloaded with working with insurance providers who may not be processing claims or where there are constant denials of claims. Since we work with payers across the nation, we have strong relationships with the providers and also have a good sense of what to do to ensure the claim goes smoothly.

Services Offered

Our medical billing solutions offer the full range of services you need. This starts with eligibility and verifications, which are highly beneficial in ensuring claims will go through. This is also essential for clients so they understand exactly what they will be responsible for with the treatment or procedure.

Then, we use the latest in medical coding practices to reflect the services provided to each patient. Once this is completed, we will submit the claim electronically, helping to speed up the process. Because we handle billing, our staff isn’t busy trying to deal with patients, scheduling and appointments. This allows us to focus completely on getting the billing done quickly, accurately and on time.

Our medical billing solutions will also ensure a qualified representative will follow up on the claim, checking to make sure it doesn’t end up slipping through the cracks. This provides your office with the peace of mind payment will be prompt, and it won’t be months until the claim is finally processed.


We also provide Family Advocacy™ which is a specialized service in which we provide our support for those individuals needing additional services. These individuals may be facing challenges in getting claims paid by their healthcare insurance provider or running into other road-blocks and need some extra help.

Our Advocates will work tirelessly to state the case for the need for additional services, or to ensure the information needed for successful payment of the claim is provided. This not only helps your practice, but it is also a service your patients will appreciate if they are ever in this position.

Working with Omneity Billing as your medical billing solutions provider is a true partnership. We will be here to help you to grow and expand your practice while we focus in on streamlining your billing.