The Benefits In Using Legal Billing Services Over In-House Billing


As an attorney working in a small firm or a partner in a large firm, choosing outsourced legal billing instead of doing the billing in-house makes a lot of financial and business management sense.

At Omneity, we have the experience in legal billing services to match your needs. Unlike your in-house staff doing the billing we can generate bills to match your branding and your client’s needs. We can also track down late payments and follow up to ensure your clients are up-to-date on retainers and other fees.

Automatically Done for You

When you choose our legal billing services, you are turning your billing over to a team of specialists. Our legal billing experts can process your bills on a monthly basis without the need to tie up your staff or to constantly be checking in with the attorneys in the firm.

We also provide full electronic bill submission in LEDES formatting and with ABA coding. Everything is available to you through a secure login and access to our unique Dashboard with is our own MIS or Management Information System. No more long calls waiting for information, you can pull it up automatically from any internet connected device and know exactly where your account stands.

No More Collections

Having to deal with people who are late in paying or not paying is never a pleasant experience. As part of our service, we have a highly professional staff that will follow up with all clients and provide past due notices and also work for you to obtain account resolution.

Custom Invoicing

Your invoices may be old, missing the firm logo, or using fonts and invoicing templates that are outdated and out of style. With our legal billing services, we can work with the firm or your marketing department to develop invoices and bills that better represent your company.

We can include specific information you want on the bill, and even add graphics or relevant information in any form you need to provide it to your customers. This not only gives your bills a newer, revamped style, but it also provides the information your clients may have been looking for an their monthly bills.

With newer, more informative bills your staff will have fewer phone calls and questions about invoicing and billing, freeing them up to provide better overall services on an ongoing basis.