Selecting The Right Medical Billing Services For Your Practice

EHRs: Protect Your Patients from Violators with Legitimate Access

As a healthcare provider, your passion is working with people and providing them with the best possible medical care you can. At Omneity, our role is to help you to continue to provide services to your clients by handling all your medical billing needs.

Our medical billing services are streamlined and efficient, allowing us to provide patients and insurance companies with the information they need to pay you for your services. Unlike some companies, we focus in on building relationships and providing the support needed, ensuring we have the ability to get the required information to allow full and prompt processing of claims.

Full Compliance with HIPPA Rules

The HIPPA Omnibus Rule impacts medical billing services and requires they meet all requirements for keeping private and protected medical information safe and secure. It is critical for the healthcare provider to ensure that any company they are considering meets these rigorous compliance requirements.

At Omneity, our staff is fully trained in all HIPPA requirements. We use all required security compliance requirements and provide full electronic claims submission and follow-up services to ensure prompt payment by insurance carriers.

Assistance for Patients

We also provide support for our patient’s clients in obtaining the necessary coverage by their insurance plans, even when the insurance company may not initially. We understand that medical staff doesn’t have time to be on the phone arguing what is covered and what is not, and why a particular patient may need additional days of care or a specific service.

Our staff is dedicated to helping you help your patients. We have the ability to understand the policy and to fight for your patients to get the services they need based on your medical expertise and knowledge.

We provide medical billing services for small offices to large health care or behavioral health care providers. Our experienced staff, our expertise in the medical billing field and our ability to work with all insurance companies and private pay patients will be a big plus for your office or facility.

If you have thought about using a medical billing services but weren’t sure of the benefits, give us a call. We can share information about what we do and how it will help you to be paid more efficiently and quickly, without taking time from your staff so they can focus on your patients and your facility.