Medical Billing Process Explained

The process of medical billing involves billing either the patient or the insurance agency for any services that are provided by a physician or hospital. Communication must take place between the medical billing company and the insurance company or patient. The billing process begins when the patient first visits the office and continues until the bill is paid off in full.

The Patient’s Role in the Medical Billing Process

The patient is usually left out of the medical billing process altogether. The exception to this is if they are not insured. If they are insured, they will be asked to provide their medical insurance information and pay the deductible if there is one at all. After that point, an insured patient will not have to involve themselves with the medical billing company or the payment process.

If the patient is not insured, the medical billing company will be working with them directly regarding the bill. In this case, it is the patient’s full responsibility to pay for all of the medical expenses that may incur.

The Medical Billing Process

The medical billing process works the same regardless of the health care provider. All of the functions must be carried out in the same order regardless of what the healthcare establishment is. The key difference is that a larger establishment will typically have people that focus on each part of the process individually. A smaller practice can have one or a few people that are able to carry out the entire billing process themselves.

Medical Billing Specialists

Medical billing specialists work to carry out the financials behind the interactions between the health care provider and the patient. The billing specialist or specialists are in charge of ensuring that the entire process is carried out correctly from start to finish.

Billing specialists are hired so that the doctors, nurses and other staff members that are not trained to do this job will not have to spend time writing about the financials and instead focus on their job to keep their patients healthy. Most doctors do not have any involvement with their own billing, contrary to what many people believe.


Anytime that you have a medical visit whether you are covered with insurance or not, you will begin the medical billing process. If you are insured, the process becomes very hands-off for that patient. If you are not insured, it puts you in a position where you may have to communicate with the medical billing company to make sure that your medical costs are paid.