5 Ways A Medical Billing Company Can Save Your Rehab Money

Medical Billing Company Can Save Your Rehab MoneyIt’s no surprise that there are many costs involved with running a rehabilitation program. In addition to the mental health professionals and addiction therapists that are staffed at a recovery center, most rehabs also have high expenses when it comes to maintaining grounds and facilities for their patients as well. Did you know, however, that when your rehab uses a medical billing company, they save money, and are able to pass these savings on to their patients? Here are five ways a medical billing company can help your rehab save money.

1. They will create less paperwork.

A medical billing company will generally use an electronic billing system which will help streamline the process of billing in general. Electronic billing creates less errors, which means far less time and effort spent by rehab office staff correcting billing mistakes. Electronic bills also eliminate postage costs. Perhaps most importantly, electronic bills allow rehab facilities to communicate much more quickly with your insurance company, which means that your claim is processed sooner.

2. They ensure that insurance is not making any errors.

Anyone who has ever spent time talking to an insurance company knows that trying to get a claim in order can be a long and arduous process. A medical billing company acts as a liaison between your rehab and your insurance company. They will sort through any treatment and procedures you have received and make sure that your treatment lines up with what the medical insurance company is responsible for paying for. They then sort out what you are personally responsible for. By making sure that your insurance pays the amount that they are required to, a medical billing company alleviates valuable resources in your rehab’s office.

3. Medical Billing acts as accounts receivable.

Another task that can seriously weigh down your rehab’s administrative staff is ensuring that bills are paid by both insurance companies and patients. Receiving payment for a bill can be a time consuming and thus costly process, and when a medical billing company takes responsibility for contacting patients and receiving payment, they are able to help your rehab facility get the payment it needs to operate, and also save them time and energy when it comes to contacting insurance companies and other patients.

4. Any procedures required post-stay can be overseen by medical billing.

Many health insurance companies require that you continue to see your doctor or therapist, even after you have left your inpatient rehab program. Because these requirements vary from person to person, it can be difficult for your rehab to keep track of which patients need certain types of follow up. Since a medical billing company deals with communicating with insurance companies, they can stay on top of this information.

5. Any questions you or your family have about billing can be directed to them.

In rehab, as with any type of medical care, it is very important that you fully understand all of the items on your bill. If you have any questions about what a line item means or what has been covered by your insurance company, you should call and ask for clarification. When your rehab uses a medical billing company, they act as the place where you can direct any calls, questions, or concerns. By allowing a medical billing company to field your questions and concerns, the money allocated to your rehab office staff can go to making sure that your rehab program is run smoothly and that all of the doctors, therapists, and patients in the program have what they need to make the most out of the recovery experience.

photo credit: swisscan via photopin cc