How Dental Billing Services Will Save You Money

For dentists just starting out in their practice a common belief is that doing everything in-house is the most cost effective way to go. This is simply not the case for everything, especially when it comes to dental billing services.

If you have your own small office, you are going to need help with billing. Someone will have to prepare your dental billing for the insurance providers, then they have to follow-up, ensure the claim is paid and minimize any stress or worry on your part. However, these individuals typically have several other responsibilities as well, so they may only be dedicating a small amount of their actual time to these activities.

The simple truth is that if you aren’t using dental billing services you aren’t getting all the payments you are entitled to by the insurance companies. It is very likely your dental billing processing staff could be missing out on opportuinities to maximize your billing efforts, thus limiting the amount you receive.

On Your Side

At Omneity Billing, our dental billing professionals are dedicated to obtaining all the compensation from insurance you are entitled to receive. This means our staff will follow-up on claims, dispute denials, and even follow up on delinquent accounts on your behalf.

We can provide all the services you need, including highly accurate and up to date dental coding and electronic claim submission. If there is an error, our experts can quickly make the changes and resubmit the claim, minimizing and reducing any possible delay.

Advanced Billing

Since not all dental services are emergency procedures, we can also provide information for your patients to make more informed decisions on when to schedule services based on their budget.

Our dental billing services can provide reports to dentists to allow them to let patients understand their coverage levels, their out of pocket expenses, and even information on their deductible and if an procedure as has be authorized by the insurance provider.

When patients and doctors can discuss this information, patients are more comfortable with having procedures done, and there is less concern about delinquent accounts. This is not only good news for the patient, but it is great news for the practice as dentists are paid promptly for their services.