Healthcare.Gov Fix Creates Surge In Enrollment Enrollment

Recently, the site saw major fixes in what was determined to be a site with as many as 400 bugs in it. The faulty site, which launched in October of 2013, kept many Americans for registering for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, sometimes referred to as Obamacare. Officials in the Obama administration faced criticism from many frustrated individuals who found it impossible or nearly impossible to register for plans on the site. The difficulties associated with registering on the site were found to be to the culprits of what were less than ideal registration numbers: a mere 100,000 people had successfully registered for the program in November of 2013.

Fixes to Sites Bring About Registration at Much Higher Numbers

Since the site has been fixed, registration has been occurring at a much more rapid pace. In the first two days that the site was running correctly, 29,000 purchased policies. This number indicates that low registration was indeed tied to glitches with the site, and that now that the site is running correctly, health insurance companies can be expected to receive applications at the high volumes that were projected at the onset of the act. Some experts predict that registration may even exceed the numbers that were initially anticipated.

Health Insurance Companies Continue to Express Trepidation Over Enrollment

While enrollment has no doubt surged following the fix of the site, officials at some health insurance companies continue to express doubts over whether they will be able to seamlessly transition to the programs set forth by the Affordable Care Act. Some companies worry that as a large number of applications are submitted for policies, many flawed applications or applications that contain mistakes will be sent to companies, who will then have to sort through the applications on a very accelerated timeline. The companies have expressed fears that as they struggle to process incomplete or faulty applications, some customers may not receive care in time to avoid the financial penalties or medical billing issues that are set to be assessed for those individuals who fail to carry some kind of insurance by the 2014 deadline.

Millions of Americans Must Become Enrolled in Some Kind of Plan

The site, which is now working an estimated 90% of the time, is put to the task of facilitating enrollment in some kind of health insurance program for an estimated 7 million people by March of 2014. Fixes to the site should help it successfully handle a fairly large load of traffic. The site can currently support 50,000 users shopping simultaneously and as many as 800,000 users a day.

Problems in the Back End As Well as Front End of Site

While users attempting to enroll in plans are experiencing a much more smooth application process, it is unclear whether the site’s back end problems have been resolved. It is imperative that these issues are addressed because the site’s back end generates enrollment reports, which help assess the success of enrollment efforts. The site’s back end also communicates with insurance companies and allows them to know exactly what customers have chosen to enroll with them. If the site’s back end is not working correctly, some users who believe that they have successfully purchased insurance may find that the company they have chosen has no record of their enrollment.

Fixes Seem to Create An Optimistic Picture

While it remains to be seen whether the Affordable Care Act will be able to successfully seamlessly transition many Americans from underinsured or uninsured to insured, recent influxes in enrollment seem to indicate that the process is going better.