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As a healthcare professional, you need to be sure your patients receive the best possible treatment. At the same time, you need to know that your practice or facility will be fully and appropriately reimbursed for medically necessary care. Omneity Billing works in partnership with caring professionals like you to establish productive relationships with payers, using our industry’s most rigorous methods of clinical and financial documentation. Learn more

What our clients
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  • Our success is not defined by financial gain or name recognition. True success is when an individual leaves treatment like one recent client said: with a changed life.

    Wade J.

  • Thank you for working so hard to get additional treatment days approved for (our patient). Our clinical staff would not have had the time to pursue the matter so thoroughly on their own.


  • Thank you for your quick response… In the current insurance economic climate, I commend you and your team for your hard work and perseverance.


  • As a Dad, I will always be grateful for your company’s diligence and assistance in overcoming the monumental insurance barriers that presented in connection with my daughter’s residential treatment needs.


  • You guys are the “Whole Foods” of medical billing!


  • Thank you for working so hard to get additional treatment days approved for (our patient).


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